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logo-Images of the West"Los Diablos Tejanos"

"Los Diablos Tejanos" - 24 x 36 - catalogue #3633 - original canvas - make a bid - Giclees available

During the Mexican-American War, General Zachary Taylor (future U.S. President) gave orders to Jack Hays to raise four regiments of Texas Rangers to go to Mexico. Hays was able to raise three. The Mexicans knew these men as "Los Diablos Tejanos" and they were greatly feared and hated. As they rode into Mexico City , the locals hurled insults at them and when three men threw rocks they were immediately shot. Shortly thereafter another man stole a Ranger's hankerchief and the Ranger answered with his Colt. When General Taylor asked Hays about the incident, Hays replied "no one can impose on my men". Nothing more was said. Taylor told Hays that American soldiers were being killed every night in the red light district by the locals. The Rangers laid traps for the guilty parties and when it was finished, eighty-three men died and not one Ranger was lost. The killing of American soldiers ceased.

These events all took place after the Battle of The Alamo, the defeat, capture and subsequent release of Santa Ana who was now back in Mexico waging war against the U.S. When the Rangers heard that Samuel Walker, a Ranger left in command while Hays was in Mexico, had been killed by Mexican troops, it fueled the hate they already felt for Santa Ana. Most of them had lost relatives at the fall of The Alamo (March 6, 1836) and at Goliad, Texas when James W. Fannin and approximately three hundred men surrendered to Santa Ana (March 27, 1836) and he had them all killed on the spot. His butchery was heard of throughout Texas and inspired many Texans to take up arms for the cause. The Rangers desperately wanted to catch Santa Ana and actually missed him by five minutes in one small town. Eventually, Santa Ana turned himself into the U.S. Army because he was so afraid of what the Rangers might do to him if they captured him.

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