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The western artist, Michael Gray, has captured some profound moments in Texas history on canvas. As a native Texan, and descendent of some of it’s early pioneers, including four Texas Rangers, he brings a unique perspective to all his paintings of the Old West. The American Cowboy, Indians, horses, Mescaleros and outlaws are found in abundance in both his action and historical works. All the paintings are set against breathtaking Texas and Arizona locales that were viewed and photographed by the artist. During the fifty-four years he’s been painting, he has never made his art available to the public for sale, although he has been approaced by many art galleries and dealers and has sold many paintings to private collectors. In January of this year, The Museum of Fine Art in Houston expressed interest in displaying his work. He has decided to finally make his art available, only on the World Wide Web. With the February, 2000 launch of this site, we are proud and ecstatic to announce the exclusive availability of thirteen of his original acrylic paintings. They are also available as Giclee prints on stretched canvas or archival watercolor papers.

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