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All of Michael Gray's paintings are available as limited edition giclee prints (on stretched canvas) and priced at $1,200. They will all be numbered and signed by the artist and are slightly smaller (one to two inches) than the originals. Because a well made giclee can be so close to the original, quite a few artists are offering the giclee prints in smaller sizes to prevent someone from falsely claiming to have an original or trying to sell one as the original. They will also be available on a variety of archival watercolor papers for slightly less.

Since their introduction in 1989, giclees have become very popular with artists and collectors throughout the world because they are such an accurate representation of the original. There have been cases of artists actually mistaking a giclee print for their own original painting. Another reason is longevity. They will last longer than a properly cared for original. They are the closest thing a collector can have to the original!

Giclee (pronounced "zhee-clay") is a French word meaning "to spray on" and that's basically how they're printed. A very expensive, high resolution, Iris inkjet printer sprays the canvas or paper with very high quality inks in a highly controlled and extremely fine spray. The printing is done from a computer file. First, the artwork is photographed and then an expensive drum scanner is used to digitize the photograph. The next step is tonal and color correction done by computer with software such as Adobe Photoshop. After the artist has looked at proofs and ok'ed final adjustments the digital file is stored for archival purposes and the giclee is ready to print.

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